The Omnilux Difference

“Patients can see

& feel the




Individual wavelength treatment heads — red, blue and infrared – deliver proven, optimized light energy for each application



Clinically proven wavelengths, optimized intensities, and unique adjustable dose provides one-of-a-kind flexibility for many medical and cosmetic applications.



Most powerful system on the market today – the higher energy delivered in each treatment means shorter treatment times and fewer treatment sessions, resulting in greater efficacy compared to other less powerful systems.



Fully articulating arms and adjustable light head panels enable patients to be treated while sitting, standing or reclined. Light head panels can be flattened to treat chest area, or curved to treat the face, arms or legs.


TGA Clearance

Built to exacting medical grade specifications, TGA & FDA-cleared, meaning users can have confidence in Omnilux quality and high standards.



More FDA cleared indications than any other brand — results are backed by solid evidence



Studies published in the Journals of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Photochemistry and Photobiology B, ASLMS, and many others.



Clinicians can be confident that delivering Omnilux therapy is backed by solid evidence and FDA clearance

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Dr. M.B. Taylor, MD

When Omnilux™ is used alone to treat acne, patients not only report excellent clearance, they report better texture and skin tone.

Dr J Kubota MD

I found a marked improvement in skin colour and texture following phototherapy with Omnilux Revive adn noticeable improvement in fine lines and wrinkes. More importantly, so did my patients. 

Dr J Goldberg MD

Omnilux light therapy is simple and has no risk or downtime. It can be used in all skin colours and skin types as a primary or adjunctive treatment. I have no other device that can do that. 

What Our Doctors Are Saying

Independent clinical studies on Omnilux reported a 75% improvement in skin smoothness and wrinkle reduction.

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