The Most Trusted Name in LED Phototherapy

Omnilux ensures that there are no pockets of under treated cells.” 

Three Devices Unique From Every Other LED Phototherapy System on the Market

Unlike a number of competitor products, each Omnilux treatment head – revive2, blue and plus – contains only single wavelength LEDs specifically designed to deliver optimized intensities of light. Additionally, the LEDs are packed closely together to allow the maximum light and proven dosages to be delivered to the treatment area, eliminating zones of undertreatment common in competitive systems.

For a variety of applications including skin rejuvenation / wrinkle reduction, acne (anti-inflammatory), dyschromia & certain non-melanoma skin cancers
For the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris. Use with a topical photosensitiser for the treatment of superficial actinic keratosis.
Stimulates complex cellular processes to treat the visible signs of photodamage 7 stimulate cellular repair mechanisms essential in the wound healing process.

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